Normally a hopeless time for fishing

Always good to hear stories about happy trails!

“Further to my comments by phone to you today about Berley Mate. 6 months ago you talked me into buying a Berley Mate kit. When I bought it I thought it was just another gimmick so it sat in my shed ever since until yesterday. We were fishing just inside the Whangarei Harbour entrance on an outgoing tide just after the turn. That’s normally a hopeless time for fishing up there. Low tide before and after the turn is best.

We got a few small bites but nothing taking the hook so we threw the Berley Mate over. The first time we dropped our line over after that we hooked up just as the bait went past the Berley Mate. A small but okay 45cm snapper. That happened every time after that and we soon had our limit. Was that a coincidence? We didn’t think so.

I’ll be using Berley Mate every time from now on. It’s really great how little of the Berley log was used. We should get several more fishing trips out of that log. My fishing buddy was so impressed he took my Berley Mate kit home with him so I’ll be in next week to see you to buy another kit and maybe one for my son as well. Thanks for such a good product and for being so insistent that I should buy it. “
Cheers John

Out of the berley trail over the weekend!

We have been testing the Berley Mate system. Dragged this one out of the berley trail over the weekend!
We have been putting the Burley Mate down just off the bottom and also chunking fresh bait at the same time.
We mainly lure fish or live bait so being able to have the Berley always on board (does not have to be frozen) helps us if we want to stop for a straylining session using fresh baits and saves us from carrying around frozen berley.

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NIce on Tony!