About Berley Mate

Berley Mate has been proven on the New Zealand market since the 1990s.

Now the Long-life Rapid Berley log has a entirely new formulation. The key, boosted squid liver extract, it has more Omega 3 & 4 than anyfish oil based attractant. Berley Mate berley lasts long enough for an average fishing session, and stays at  level at which it is dispersed, it’s trails wont float or sink.

There are  new products in the range, including Berley logs, and Boosted squid liver oils.

The logs are Clean berleying, with no mess, smell or refrigeration in convenient slim ziplock packs.

About 1993 a product called Berley Mate was developed and revolutionized the way we berley. Hugely effective and popular in it’s day, likely most fishermen have a blue dispenser somewhere in the shed.

Time and circumstances conspired and the owners mothballed the plant and machinery.  201 4 Berley Mate,  the covers have been thrown off, the machines restated, and best of all the already proven formula has been improved .

Squid liver proteins have been added which contain DHA and EPA, long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated omega-4, more fat than fish oil!  Fish seek out these proteins and squid liver is the best source for this rich prize, often the protein rich gut of a pilchard is all they will eat, so now you can get even, lace your bland bait with the Bait booster squid oil.

So why does that work?  the proteins are absorbed thru the fishes receptors and triggers a response, causing them to become more aggressive and feed. like walking past the smell of the  sausage stand at the hardware store, you know you want it.

How do know the fish will be in the berley?  because the original berley log formula was clever, it neither floats nor sinks, it stays at the level that it disperses.  So fish down the berley trail, which is often not the direction the back of your boat is pointing.

Like the original, it doesn’t need refrigeration, doesn’t smell and is a clean berley solution. Unused logs can be put back in the original packaging for next time.

Boosted squid liver oils and all manner of omega rich tid-bits are now available at local tackle stores, it’s good to see an iconic New Zealand brand back on the shelves.

happy trails!