Berley Mate NZ

It’s science mate, since the 1990s.

Berley Mate long-life rapid berley log

Berley mate long life rapid berley , Berley Mate is an entirely new formulation that brings the fish to your boat, and keeps them there! -Simple to use – Convenient – Economical – No fuss – No mess – No refrigeration  -Effective!  Most frozen berleys melt within a hour after release and messy wastes are left in your dispenser. Our Berley Mate Berley lasts almost the full length of your fishing time even if you move to different spots. This Berley Mate Berley has a new boosted formula which puts more attractants into the water faster, exciting the fish to bite.

This berley Mate Berley needs no refrigeration, simply keep one in your tackle box ready to use at any time. This works even in murky water as the concentrated attractant works scientifically to excite the fish to bite. Berley Mate Berley will immediately flavour the water with chemical stimulants under your boat, these are absorbed through the skin of the fish and stimulate a hormone secretion in the fish’s glands arousing a strong feeding response and causing it to immediately become more aggressive and feed ravenously.

Squid liver proteins have been added which contain DHA and EPA, long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated omega-4, more fat than fish oil! Fish seek out these proteins and squid liver is the best source for this rich prize, often the protein rich gut of a pilchard is all they will eat, so now you can get even.

Berley Mate flavours the water with a stimulant and attractant. The active ingredients are absorbed through the fish’s receptors as it swims through the trail.

This stimulates a hormone which arouses a strong feeding response, causing fish to become more aggressive, and feed ravenously.

    • Berley Mate attracts all types of fish.
    • Berley Mate’s trail stays near the bottom. It won’t float to the surface or gather in a hollow on the bottom.
    • Berley Mate’s trail works in murky water.
    • Berley Mate can be crumbled and sprinkled over the side in slow currents.
    • Berley Mate does not leave a feed trail.
  • Berley Mate is ideal for land-based & kayak fishing.

To get the best out of Berley Mate: * The pot or dispenser should be directly under the boat, one metre from the bottom, mid-way along the boat. * Always fish down the Berley Mate trail. * Place unused Berley Mate back in this bag for next time.

* Store in a cool dry place, do not leave in the sun.

Berley Mate stainless steel weighted berley pot

New Berley Mate all stainless steel dispenser is essential for serious anglers. Simply put a Berley Mate Rapid berley log into the dispenser. The 1kg base will keep it directly under the boat, remembering to tie the end off,  let the dispenser drop over the side to the required depth (when fishing for snapper, this should be about 3 feet off the bottom- in really deep water, add extra line) and tie it off about midway along the boat. Comes with 30m rope.

Berley Mate Black Stuff 100ml

Berley mate black stuff comes in a  100ml pump bottle. Squirt on lures and baits. Made from max concentrated Squid liver proteins. Sticks to jigs but doesn’t stink (much), dissipates even in cold water. Stand alone testing so far has been conclusive it gets fish biting.

Berley Mate Bait Booster 400ml

Berley Mate Bait Booster contains No fish oil. Makes any bait desirable bait. 100% natural. Boosted squid liver extract. Won’t thicken in cold water.

Add 60ml per 1kg of bait, common practice is to use a dipping cup, like and old disposable coffee cup… dip you bait and cast or drop.

Bait Booster gets fish biting!

New from 2019

Berley Mate Spiked fish oil

Deodorised fish oil, Spiked with squid liver protein, containing DHA and EPA, long-chain polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids and unsaturated omega-4, more fat than standard fish oil.

One Litre, in a recyclable container. 

Not for human consumption.